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Adapted from President Gary Marks' inaugural award speech:

The Pacific Rim Foundation recognizes and celebrates the achievements of our communities’ excellent young people. By their efforts in their personal goals and their public contributions these students give us reason for optimism. In a world that moves from one critical moment to the next, wrestling with complicated issues and faced with daunting challenges there is a need for reasoned, innovative, and creative thinking that these young men and women represent.

The PRF is committed to encouraging the cultivation of and motivating life long learning.  We are dedicated to supporting our local school and students and by this offering encouraging families to stay in our communities knowing that these sorts of opportunities are available right here on the West Coast.

On behalf of the Board members, we would like to express our thanks to these students whose virtues we extol. You have made of your young lives, a statement of commitment to your communities and ultimately, to the world. It is you, by your deeds, which might heal the wounds caused by strife and ignorance; it is you who might design technologies to serve humanity; it is you who may discover cures and remedies for the diseases and maladies and conflicts that haunt humanity. It is you by your commitment to be informed as a citizen, to be involved in civic matters, and by your gracious determination to champion the best in all of us that you will be the cement to hold together our common interests, whether you become a teacher, an artist, a logger, a businessperson, a scientist, a fisher, a doctor, a truckdriver, or a tour guide operator.

We must also acknowledge the parents and families who have by their diligence and example given these young people such a formidable start to their lives. Thank you for investing your interest, giving your guidance and your precious love and thereby imparting to your children confidence, intelligence, and principles. Your great regard for your children’s individuality and your encouragement and support of them are also being celebrated here today.

The Foundation is a registered charity. Donations can be sent to this address (Charity number 830448692RR0001).

For in kind donations, please contact the Secretary Donna Fraser at 250-725-3774 for further information.



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