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Brittany Amber Morgan

Update from Brittany Amber Morgan, 2010 Recipient


I have been studying at the University of Victoria for three years now and have been very much enjoying my choice of a Bachelor of Science. I am majoring in the Microbiology and biochemistry program, with a minor in biology. After completing my second year, I enrolled in the Co-operative Program that is offered at the university. This credited program offers an opportunity to gain laboratory experience outside of school.

My first co-op was at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in Vancouver from September to December 2012. I was responsible for the extraction of Paralytic Shellfish poison from bivalves samples. We tested for Paralytic shellfish Poisoning (PSP), Diarrhetic shellfish poisoning (DSP) and Domoic Acid. Another task was preparing microbiological media needed by the lab to carry out the testing of various food samples. I also conducted quality control and quality assurance tests on various aspects of the labs sterility, water quality and equipment performance.

My second and current Co-op term is in Nanaimo at the Pacific Biological Station for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. This Co-op is an 8 month term from January-August, 2013. I work in the genetics and genomics laboratory and my tasks involve sampling various salmon species and running DNA and RNA extractions. In March I had the opportunity to go on a two week trip and do sampling on W.E Ricker Coast Guard Boat. The boat travelled all along the Strait of Georgia and into Quatsino Sound. In May, I started travelling and going on day trips to Hatcheries on Vancouver Island. The Co-op Program has been a great experience to gain laboratory practice outside of school and get references prepared for when I complete my degree. I made a right choice in attending the University of Victoria and I am so grateful for the Pacific Rim Foundation for sponsoring me throughout my undergraduate program. With this wonderful support am totally looking forward to going back to the University this fall.

Brittany Amber Morgan Biography

Brittany Morgan is the recipient of the 2nd annual Pacific Rim Foundation Scholarship. She is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Program at the University of Victoria. Her career goal is to become a physician and work in small communities within British Columbia. "Rural areas, such as Ucluelet, are in great need of doctors, if I had the opportunity I would enjoy working on the coast with my people and neighbouring communities."

Brittany is a well-rounded student and contributes to her community by being a role model for younger students. "As a role model, I contribute to the younger students in the community. I help lead them in the right direction but encourage them to make their own decisions. Teenagers are the ones the younger children look up to so it is important to set a good example."

The Pacific Rim Foundation directors look forward to hearing from Brittany in the future.








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