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Emily Tranfield

Update from Emily Tranfield, 2009 Recipient


Dear Benefactor and Directors of the Pacific Rim Foundation,
It has been shared with me that you will be having a Board meeting soon and I would like to take this opportunity to share a few things with you. Thank you so very much for your time and dedication to this awesome opportunity for youth of our communities. Your commitment to making advanced education a reality for us is greatly appreciated. Unless you receive it you can't really know how great it is!

I was fortunate to have been selected for this opportunity and by being a recipient of it many other opportunities have become a reality for me. When I complete my studies this year I would like to share with you my journey but at the moment I am on my way for summer school and won't be home until mid June.

What I would like to share with you now though. is that this year I successfully completed a major portion of my education. I have earned my physical education diploma as well as having completed a minor in sport health. My GPA is 3.95 for this part of my studies.

I will be continuing my education for one additional year where I will complete my major in Biology. I have two fields of specialization. One field is Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology and the other which I will complete at summer school this year is Tropical Ecology. This involves being in Belize until the middle of June for my field studies. I am looking forward to this for sure!

At times my studies can seem a bit overwhelming as each of my science classes has a lab attached to it that is as long as the lectures so it feels like I am doing twice the work for the week. I also supplement my scholarship from the Foundation with employment.
I am a resident advisor for one of the residence buildings and have been in this paid position since my second year. I am basically a house mom to a whole group of people trying to study, eat, and live together in sometimes very stressful times. I am there for emergencies as well as for planning the house social activities. I am also since my second year employed as an outdoor recreation technician. I assist with numerous planned recreation activities for the university. These could include taking groups caving, kayaking, surfing, hiking, as well as teaching kayaking self rescue, etc. To top off my employment I have this year acquired my class four driver licence. With this licence I am able to assist with the driving for the outdoor recreation programs as well as do a shuttle for the international students to grocery shop once a week.

I am continually appreciative of the doors the Foundation Scholarship has assisted me in opening.
I hope your summer is a good one!

Emily Tranfield: 2009 Recipient

Emily Tranfield was born and raised in Tofino. She has demonstrated that there is no limit to what a young person can accomplish on the coast. Aside being a grade A student, Emily also participates and excels in sports. Emily has represented her school provincially on the podium in both wrestling and track and field. She has achieved top ten standards in BC referring to the all time top ten records in the

Last summer, Emily qualified for Canadian National Track and Field events. She competed in her age group and in one University age group. She qualified for three events in her age group and placed second, fourth and seventh nationally. She has qualified again nationally and will attend the Canadian Track and Field Championships in New Brunswick this summer.

Somehow, Emily still finds time to play the Jazz flute, participate on Student Council, hike, bike, fish and hunt. She also contributes volunteer time through the Poppy Fund and Remembrance Day, SWEAT and a variety of other activities. Emily says: "Life is what you make it" and we think she sets a strong example for young people growing up in a rural community.

Emily had a very good 2009. In addition to receiving the inaugural Pacific Rim Foundation Scholarship, Emily was also chosen as the final Community Olympic Torch Bearer in Tofino. On November 1, 2009 Emily proudly carried the Olympic Torch to the stage and lit the Community Cauldron.

Emily has completed her first year at Vancouver Island University. She is maintaining a heavy course load and high grades. Good work Emily!

"So for me, everything the foundation has done to assist me has been just great. All has been well. There is't anything that I could ask to be changed or adjusted for myself."

"I would also like to thank the directors for their time committed to this foundation."







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